How it all began

In 1976 a group of parents of children with disabilities met and started to petition the State and Federal Governments for services for people with disabilities in the Hinchinbrook Area. The group became a very strong lobby group; from this they were able to have a Special School provided here in Ingham for their children.

Ingham Parents' Support Group, evolved out of the Parents and Citizens of the Ingham Special School.  The school was lobbied for as the parents of children with severe disabilities had no other choice than take their children to and from Townsville for their education and support. Over time, as children were leaving school, the parents formed the Ingham Parents Support Group and became an incorporated organisation.

Ingham Parents' Support Group now operates as Ingham Disability Support Services (IDSS) and we provide services to individuals with intellectual, physical, neurological, mental health and acquired disabilities.

Since the introduction of National Disability Insurance Scheme, we have been able to expand our services to include people who were not eligible for services under the Disability Queensland.